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Seven Horrible Mistakes To Avoid Whenever you (Do) Bornoe Straw Bags With Straps

 April 6, 2015 Piezoelectric electrostatic generator made from a BBQ ignitor. July 11, 2017 Details of a 500kV Van de Graaff generator. March 11, 2015 Added a schematic and more details to the DIY 24 volt power supply page. June 11, 2016 Added a how to make an ornithopter video. April 22, 2016 Added a video explaining and demonstrating the backpropagation neural network. April 26, 2017 Added a video showing the LC circuit resonance in action and doing example calculations. November 1, 2015 Added power and efficiency calculations to the gravity light pages. January 14, 2017 By request, added dimensions for the gravity light's wooden frame. April 14, 2016 Added the ability for you to try the neural network yourself! April 9, 2016 Added parts list and assembly diagram for BB-8's drive electronics. January 30, 2016 New page all about BB-8's drive electronics. March 14, 2015 Added fuses and meters to the electronics symbols for schematics page. September 14, 2016 By request I did voltage measurements for my electrostatic smoke precipitator. November 25, 2016 Big gyroscopes using vinyl records and a gyroscopic precession demonstration. July 26, 2015 How to make an alcohol stove using soda cans. July 2, 2015 Very easy to make steam engine - Hero's steam engine. July 12, 2015 Added Hero's steam engine video - making it and showing it in action. Animated GIF uploaded of it in action. November 21, 2016 Added full details of detailing, lighting and painting BB-8. straw bag (DFWO) has been in full effect since January 1, 2022. It states that NO business or food vendor shall sell, serve, or provide prepared food in polystyrene foam food ware or provide disposable single-use plastic food ware like plastic straws. The ocean-side city is the largest in California to ban polystyrene. April 2, 2017 Added a video about detailing, lighting and painting BB-8. August 23, 2016 Added a video on the IMU/gyro for my BB-8 (v2) droid and demoing it. September 20, 2016 New video - more demos and making measuring voltage for my smoke precipitator. September 26, 2015 Added dimensions to the section on making a Wimshurst machine. July 5, 2016 Added a page with the BB-8 droid's dimensions to help anyone making one. July 24, 2016 Neat demonstration of lightning in a bottle. June 5, 2016 Curie temperature experiment - demonstration and the science. August 12, 2016 Added an IMU/gyro to help stabilize my BB-8 (v2) droid. August 28, 2016 Added a list of the parts I had to buy for my BB-8 (v2) droid, giving an idea of the cost. January 15, 2016 By request, I added a section about where to get piezoelectric crystals. January 19, 2011 Worm bin temperature measurements in mid-winter. January 21, 2017 Added to and organized the electronic symbols page. May 21, 2017 Major enhancements to the section on neural network frameworks and services. June 21, 2015 DIY/homemade laser communicator. August 13, 2015 Got much better sound from my laser communicator and photoresistor setup. June 6, 2015 How to transmit sound using sunlight - the photophone. March 5, 2015 Powering a Compact Fluorescent Light (CFL) using an electric fly swatter. March 15, 2015 Fun with an Arduino and a speech synthesizer. November 15, 2010 Barium titanate doorknob capacitor propulsion experiment! August 1, 2015 How to make a flat plate capacitor for a Tesla coil. May 16, 2015 Detailed video on how to make my small spark gap Tesla coil. Now that you know how to make a scarecrow for garden use that works, you can use that instead of poisons, store-bought gadgets, cartridges, traps, or straw men. But you know what? April 17, 2017 New capacitance calculators page for parallel plate and crylindrical caps. April 8, 2015 Ad Astra gets funding for next generation VASIMR 100 hour ion propulsion rocket.

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